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Forskningsartikel2018Vetenskapligt granskadÖppen tillgång

In vivo aerobic metabolism of the rainbow trout gut and the effects of an acute temperature increase and stress event

Brijs, Jeroen; Grans, Albin; Hjelmstedt, Per; Sandblom, Erik; van Nuland, Nicole; Berg, Charlotte; Axelsson, Michael


The fish gut is responsible for numerous potentially energetically costly processes, yet little is known about its metabolism. Here, we provide the first in vivo measurements of aerobic metabolism of the gut in a teleost fish by measuring gut blood flow, as well as arterial and portal venous oxygen content. At 10 degrees C, gut oxygen uptake rate was 4.3 +/- 0.5 ml O-2 h(-1) kg(-1) (similar to 11 % of whole-animal oxygen uptake). Following acute warming to 15 degrees C, gut blood flow increased similar to 3.4-fold and gut oxygen uptake rate increased similar to 3.7-fold (16.0 +/- 3.3 ml O-2 h(-1) kg(-1)), now representing similar to 25% of whole-animal oxygen uptake. Although gut blood flow decreased following an acute stress event at 15 degrees C, gut oxygen uptake remained unchanged as a result of a similar to 2-fold increase in oxygen extraction. The high metabolic thermal sensitivity of the gut could have important implications for the overall aerobic capacity and performance of fish in a warming world and warrants further investigation.


Gastrointestinal; Teleost; Oxygen consumption; Metabolism; Energy expenditure

Publicerad i

Journal of Experimental Biology
2018, Volym: 221, nummer: 14