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Comparison of Migratory and Resident Populations of Brown Trout Reveals Candidate Genes for Migration Tendency

Lemopoulos, Alexandre; Uusi-Heikkila, Silva; Huusko, Ari; Vasemagi, Anti; Vainikka, Anssi


Candidate genes associated with migration have been identified in multiple taxa: including salmonids, many of whom perform migrations requiring a series of physiological changes associated with the freshwater-saltwater transition. We screened over 5,500 SNPs for signatures of selection related to migratory behavior of brown trout Salmo trutta by focusing on ten differentially migrating freshwater populations from two watersheds (the Koutajoki and the Oulujoki). We found eight outlier SNPs potentially associated with migratory versus resident life history using multiple (>= 3) outlier detection approaches. Comparison of three migratory versus resident population pairs in the Koutajoki watershed revealed seven outlier SNPs, of which three mapped close to genes ZNF665-like, GRM4-like, and PCDH8-like that have been previously associated with migration and smoltification in salmonids. Two outlier SNPs mapped to genes involved in mucus secretion (ST3GAL1-like) and osmoregulation (C14orf37-like). The last two strongly supported outlier SNPs mapped to thermally induced genes (FNTA1-like, FAM134C-like). Within the Oulujoki, the only consistent outlier SNP mapped close to a gene (EZH2) that is associated with compensatory growth in fasted trout. Our results suggest that a relatively small yet common set of genes responsible for physiological functions associated with resident and migratory life histories is evolutionarily conserved.


salmonids; smoltification; RADseq; migratory behavior; life-history strategy

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Genome Biology and Evolution
2018, Volym: 10, nummer: 6, sidor: 1493-1503

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