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Genome Sequence Resource for the Oomycete Taro Pathogen Phytophthora colocasiae

Vetukuri, Ramesh R.; Kushwaha, Sandeep K.; Sen, Diya; Whisson, Stephen C.; Lamour, Kurt H.; Grenville-Briggs, Laura J.


Phytophthora colocasiae is a phytopathogenic oomycete that causes leaf blight and corm rot on taro (Colocasia esculenta), an important staple crop in the tropics. The impact of P. colocasiae is a serious concern for food security in Asian and Oceanic regions. Vietnamese strain 7290 of P. colocasiae was sequenced (Illumina) to assemble a draft genome of 56.6 Mb, comprised of 19,853 scaffolds and 19,984 predicted protein-coding genes. As in other Phytophthora species, P. colocasiae possesses numerous pathogenicity-related genes, such as the RxLR class of effectors. This draft genome sequence of P. colocasiae provides a resource to underpin the first steps in determining the molecular mechanisms of disease development in this pathosystem.

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Molecular plant-microbe interactions
2018, Volym: 31, nummer: 9, sidor: 903-905