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Patent, 2018

Medical device

Höglund, Odd


A medical device (100) comprises an elongated, flexible band (110) having a front side (112), a rear side (114), a leading end (116) and a trailing end (118), and having perforations (120) and rungs (122) defined therein. A locking case (130, 132) is arranged on the front side (112) of the band (112) and has a channel (150) dimensioned for reception of the band (110). The medical device (100) also comprises a locking member (140, 142, 144) configured to interlock perforations (120) and rungs (122) defined in the band (110). Multiple studs (160, 162) are arranged on the rear side (114) of the band (110).

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Ansökningsnummer: US15/325,186
Patentnummer: US10004536B2
Datum för ansökan: 2017-06-22
Datum för publicering: 2018-06-26

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    Other Medical Sciences not elsewhere specified
    Medical Equipment Engineering

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    Assignee: Resorbable Devices AB, Uppsala (SE)

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