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Forskningsartikel2006Vetenskapligt granskad

The characteristics of household wastewater and biodegradable waste - a proposal for new Swedish norms

Vinnerås, Björn; Palmquist, H; Balmér, P; Weglin, J; Jensen, A; Andersson, Å; Jönsson, Håkan


The present Swedish design values (DV) for urine, faeces, greywater and biodegradable solid waste were scrutinised and compared to the composition of these fractions in two blocks of flats, Gebers and Ekoporten. For evaluation of the greywater composition, two additional areas were included: the housing area Vibyåsen and a calculation based upon the composition of the sewage sludge in Ryaverken sewage treatment plant in Gothenburg. The parameters scrutinised were dry mass, wet mass, BOD, COD, N, P, K, Cu, Cr, Ni, Zn, Cd, Hg and Pb. Based on the results, new updated Swedish DV were proposed for these parameters in the fractions urine, faeces, greywater and biodegradable solid waste


Biodegradable household waste; Faeces; Greywater; Heavy metal; Nutrient;

Publicerad i

Urban Water Journal
2006, Volym: 3, nummer: 1, sidor: 3-11