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Conference abstract2021

Impact of farm type and sampling month on the composition and properties of bovine milk in northern Sweden

Priyashantha, Hasitha; Lundh, Åse; Höjer, Annika; Bernes, Gun; Nilsson, David; Hetta, Mårten; Hallin Saedén, Karin; Gustafsson, Anders H; Johansson, Monika


Dairy farms in Northern Sweden were characterized to investigate the effect of on-farm factors and season on the variation in milk quality. Based on principal component analyses (PCA), two major types of dairy farming systems were observed. Type-1: Larger farms with loose housing using automatic milking system or milking parlour with predominantly Swedish Holstein (SH) breed. Type-2: Farms with a lower number of cows in tie-stalls with breeds other than SH. PCA of variation in composition and properties of the milk samples showed a tendency for the formation of two clusters based on these farming systems. The interrelated effect of the milking system and breed is likely to contribute to this distribution. Type of farm influenced the gel strength, probably reflecting differences in milk composition. Total proteolysis and casein micelle size were mainly influenced by sampling month, with smaller micelles and slightly higher proteolysis in outdoor compared to the indoor period. Season associated differences in raw milk are not merely linked to the variation in the amoun

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Publisher: Aarhus University


June 2021 Conference: Dairy Science and Technology Symposium 2021, Aarhus University (virtual)