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Food loss in Sweden : National follow-up methods for increased knowledge about losses and resources in food production

Lindow, Karin; Strid, Ingrid; Olsson, Marie; Wallgren, Torun; Lundh, Åse; Östman, Örjan; Persson Hovmalm, Helena; Larsson Jönsson, Helene; Stenberg, Johan A; Östergren, Karin


There is a lack of knowledge about the quantities and causes of food loss and waste, especially in the early stages of the food chain. The studies that have been performed show significant losses already in the primary production, which leads to economic losses for producers and unnecessary environmental and climate impact. Not all food loss can be avoided, but being aware of and optimizing the flows of food production contribute to a more robust food chain. When work and resources have been used to produce the quality that consumers demand, it is more resource efficient that raw materials and products reach the consumer and are consumed. By-products from the food industry can also, with additional processing or handling, to a greater extent be utilized in food products alternatively be used as feed instead of becoming waste.

Published in

Rapport / Jordbruksverket
2021, number: 2021:2
Publisher: Jordbruksverket