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Research article2004Peer reviewed

Fatty acid alterations in liver and milk of cadmium exposed rats and in brain of their suckling offspring

Grawe KP, Pickova J, Dutta PC, Oskarsson A


Fatty acid composition was studied in milk at day 14 and in liver at day 24 after parturition of lactating rats exposed to 0 ppm, 5 ppm or 25 ppm cadmium (Cd) via drinking water for 17 days during lactation, and in the brain of their offspring at day 19 after birth. In the liver phospholipid fraction, 22:5(n-3) was significantly higher, while in the triacylglycerol fraction 22:6(n-3)/20:5(n-3) ratio was significantly lower in the 25 ppm group compared to the controls. Significantly higher proportions of 16:0 and lower proportions of medium-chain fatty acids, 8:0-14:0, were observed in milk of dams in the 25 ppm group, indicating decreased enzymatic activity of thiotransferase II in the mammary gland. Slightly increased levels of 20:3(n-6) were observed in brains of pups in the 25 ppm group compared to control. The results indicate that Cd exposure influences fatty acid metabolism in lactating rats. (C) 2004 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved


Cadmium; neonate; Milk; Brain; fatty acid; Liver; Lactation

Published in

Toxicology Letters
2004, Volume: 148, number: 1-2, pages: 73-82