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How the unuseful can be turned into sustainable and useful: novel potato protein bioplastics with unusual strength

Kuktaite, Ramune; Newson, William Roy; Rasheed, Faiza; Hedenqvist, Mikael S.; Johansson, Eva


In Southern Sweden the way potato starch is produced creates large amounts of by-product. This by-product consists of potato protein and non-edible com- pounds, which limits its use as food today. Improved uses of industrial by-product is of high interest for the future, and the- refore nding a better use of the potato proteins from potato starch production is needed.Through this collaboration pro- ject between the researchers at SLU Al- narp and Lyckeby Starch AB it has been shown that potato proteins are suitable for making potato protein bioplastics. Also, the bioplastics made from these potato proteins have shown unusual strenght and stretchiness, properties that could be suitable for a multi-layered packaging bag for potato chips.


protein bioplastics, potato protein, mechanical properties

Published in

LTV-fakultetens faktablad
2015, number: 2015:8
Publisher: Fakulteten för landskapsarkitektur, trädgårds- och växtproduktionsvetenskap, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet